Our services include:

  • Tutoring
  • Training
  • Testing
  • Consulting
  • Grant Services


  • Tutoring in well known reading, writing, and language programs: We provide skilled tutors and consultants that are trained and certified in one or more of the following recognized reading, writing, and language programs: Language to Literacy, Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing, Visualizing Verbalizing, Phono-Graphix, Orton Gillingham, Creative Curriculum Literacy Component, and Seeing Stars Symbol Imagery for Phonemic Awareness, Sight Words, and Spelling.
  • Curriculum tutoring: We offer a variety of tutors with expertise in wide range of curriculum subjects such as math, language arts, science, and history.
  • Test preparation tutoring: Our consultants and tutors devise programs to help students prepare for standardized and admission tests such as the SOL, DC CAS, PSAT, SAT, ACT, ISEE, ERB, and HSPT.
  • Specialized tutoring for the learning disabled: Our consultants and tutors have experience working with students with moderate to severe learning disabilities. Our experience and knowledge of programs geared towards these populations result in successful instruction.
  • Supplemental skill tutoring: Our tutors can provide programs and techniques designed to work on a number of important skills such as organization, memory, attention, writing, and note-taking.
  • Home-school tutoring: Our tutors and consultants can help plan and administer home-school programs. Staff members are available to select curricula, perform tutoring in subject areas, assist with documentation, prepare tests, assign homework, and issue grades.
  • Intensive summer tutoring: Intensive summer tutoring is available (2-4 hours per day, 3-6 weeks) to catch up students that have significant learning deficits (2 or more grade levels behind in any area).


  • On-Going Teacher Training: Skilled Literacy Mentors are available to provide regular, in-class mentoring, coaching, and collaborative consultation to teachers.
  • Teacher and Parent Workshops: Skilled staff can provide one-time workshops or an on-going professional development series for parents and teachers. A wide range of workshop topics are available from Phonemic Awareness and Dialogic Reading to Small Group Instruction and Educational Testing.Previous workshop topics include:
    • Phonological Awareness: Research-Based Scope and Sequence
    • Striving for Excellence: Early Reading First Emergent Literacy Initiatives
    • What if They’ve Already Fallen: Planning Literacy Interventions for High School Students
    • Small Group Instruction: Planning Differentiated Literacy Instruction
    • Alphabet Knowledge and Print Awareness Strategies
    • Research-Based Literacy Instruction for Preschool Students
    • Home-Based Print Awareness Strategies
    • Dialogic Reading in the Home
    • Educational Testing for Children With Learning Deficits: Selecting a Test Battery and Administering, Scoring, and Interpreting Tests
    • Literacy and Special Needs Students



Our consultants are certified test administrators capable of completing comprehensive educational testing and writing diagnostic reports. Each testing is designed to diagnose strengths and weaknesses in the areas of receptive and expressive vocabulary, phonemic awareness, phonics, sight word recognition, decoding skills, encoding skills, reading rate, reading accuracy, reading fluency, reading comprehension, writing, math, visual motor skills, and oral language comprehension. All reports assess learning deficits and recommend a plan of action.


Staff members are available to represent parents/children or schools at IEP (and other) meetings, make recommendations for compensatory education plans, assess reading curricula, and identify assistive technology.

Grant Services

Staff members are available to assist schools or other non-profit agencies in every phase of the grant process including: summarizing grant benefits, writing applications, filling out paperwork, linking schools up with potential grant partners, overseeing grants, and directly providing grant services.